Shine eTicket help

This year the SHINE Conference has introduced an exciting new eTicket system for entry to the event.

You have two options to use with your Shine Conference eTickets, but for both of these, you need to download your eTicket and present your bar code so it can be scanned either on your phone, or on a printed sheet of paper:

  1. Download the eTicket to your mobile phone/tablet and show eTicket bar code on your phone
  2. Download the eTicket and print it, then present the printed paper (You can print all 4 pages on a single sheet of paper as outlined below)

To download the eTicket, locate the email sent to you via TicketSource



Once you have opened the email, Click the Download eTicket link



Your eTicket is downloaded and will look similar to the one below. You will have 4 eTickets on 4 pages, depending on the options that are included on your ticket.



To print your eTicket, you can print each page individually, or print all 4 pages on a single page.

To do this, choose Print from the File menu and look for where it says Pages Per Sheet, then select 4 pages